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Keeping up with packaging solutions

The packaging industry is constantly changing. If you have multiple projects going on or you wear many hats, it’s a challenge to stay abreast of packaging requirements, cost efficiency, and sustainability.
A packaging mistake can cost your company in many ways.

  • Poor quality or unsustainable packaging turns customers off
  • A packaging supplier who doesn’t listen or collaborate risks the project
  • Customers won’t buy
  • Packaging that’s delivered late spoils campaign goals
  • Working with multiple suppliers takes more time
  • You struggle to stand out in your market

Working with a packaging supplier should be easy and you should get what you need the first go around. It’s easy to get burned by a packaging supplier. Especially when you’re placing your trust in a would-be expert that you don’t know. How can you be reassured that your packaging will be what you want?

Packaging Answers bridges the gap for brands who want to work with a trusted advisor who listens, collaborates, and over-delivers every time.

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What is it like to work with the Packaging Answers team of experts, a one-stop shop that includes design, specification, and sustainability experts, technical managers, and operations?


We listen to your needs and we often come up with an even better packaging solution, because of our extensive experience and team expertise.


We keep it simple for you. With all of the experts you need to address your packaging, you have one point of contact who provides everything you need.


We care about your results. You’ll get exactly what you want, the highest quality and sustainable packaging –delivered on time, every time.


Sustainable packaging supplier

It’s all we do.
Every package is 100% no single-use plastic and 100% recyclable.
And we go a step further. All of our product is sourced from Europe, and nowhere else.

We saved 36 tons of CO2e by removing plastic from a bottle and glass gift pack for a spirits client.

“Finally, I am confident that our packaging achieves our sustainability goals. Packaging Answers explained the carbon saving in easy to understand language.”

Every person on our team has gone through extensive carbon literacy training, which helps us understand the ins and outs of sustainable packaging. In turn, we can offer you the best sustainable packaging options to meet your needs.

3 Simple steps to the packaging you want

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We’re quick and we’re not shy about it. You’ll always get your order on time.

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Sustainability targets smashed

“We can leave the packaging to Packaging Answers, with full trust that it will be delivered to top quality, on time, on budget, and that we’ll smash our sustainability targets.”

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£25,000 saved on £250,000 Easter Egg project

“Packaging Answers found clever solutions that didn’t compromise our creative vision but reduced the cost of the packaging and the cost of the labour in our factory.”

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1 point of contact

“I love having one supplier that meets all my needs and that I’m confident in. One team of trusted experts that unlocks the complexity of the packaging world for us.”

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